Best Drug Store Under Eye Concealer

What Is The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles Under Eyes and Eye Bags?

Lots of people have troubling darkened areas around their eyes. Those same people may also be wondering how to reduce them or to get rid of them altogether. Choosing natural ingredients in the best eye cream for dark circles under eyes and eye bags is the way to get the best results.

Did you know skin around your eyes is about the most fragile and most delicate of all the skin you have? While you might assume that those dark circles are because of aging, you should also know that the aging process is not the only reason they become apparent. Kids even have these kinds of eye skin conditions. What are some other reason you would need to choose a natural ingredient for lessening the appearance of dark areas under your eyes?

Fluid retained in your body because of too much salt or from medication side effects could be the reason you are seeing dark circles around the eye area. This is because the tiny capillaries there fill up with blood and become overfilled when there is too much fluid. Since the skin is so thin, these veins give a dark color to the area beneath your eyes. Be careful of your salt intake and watch the side effects of medicines you might take.

Do you love lying in the sun and getting that gorgeous tan? If so, have you also noticed how much darker those circles under your eyes are getting as well? This is because the melanin in your skin become much more apparent in this area because the skin is much thinner. The sun increases the melanin pigmentation all over, including the eyes area. Limit your sun exposure to avoid this.

While this eye skin condition runs in some families, there are ways to combat it. Using natural eye creams like the best eye cream for dark circles under eyes that will help in strengthening the eye skin area is the key. Collagen is the protein in skin that keeps it supple and strong. Choose the ingredient keratin for helping to increase the collagen levels in your skin.

Most everyone knows that keeping skin moisturized is good for it. However, making sure you hydrate your skin with the right ingredients is what will make the difference in those dark circles. Using natural ingredients like grapeseed extract and jojoba will help in maintain the hydration in the skin that will allow it to be healthier and scrounger looking.

Make sure you choose the natural products for the best eye cream for dark circles under eyes. Taking care to give your skin the nutrients needed for being healthy on its own is the the only way to truly beautiful skin. You should make it a point to avoid smoking and to cut back on alcoholic beverages. Get at least eight hours of sleep at night and drink a lot of water to maintain total health. This will all help you in having that skin you are after.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best drug store concealer for covering really dark under eye circles?

    • ANSWER:
      Hard Candy Glamoflauge is the best overall drugstore concealer. It covers under eye circles, blemishes, redness, scarring, birthmarks etc brilliantly. It also stays on all day, a tube lasts a very long time.

    Whats the best drug store concealer for under your eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      i use the maybelline mineral collection liquid concealer for under my eyes and it works great.

    What is the best brand of under eye concealer?
    I’ve been getting dark circles under my eyes a lot the last couple months. I think it’s partly cause I’ve been working so much I’ve been loosing sleep. (I also probably need to drink more water.)
    I was wondering though, what is the best brand of under eye concealer that is a drug store brand?

    • ANSWER:

    Best Concealer for under eye circles?
    Hello. I have really bad dark circles and I think it is because of genetics. They never seem to go away. I have tried many products. Now I just to buy a good drug store concealer that truly will cover up my dark circles. This will be really appreciated. Thank You!

    • ANSWER:

    Best concealer for under-eye circles?
    I have light skin, but I do wear bronzer. What would be the best under eye concealer for me? Preferrably inexpensive and in a drug store?

    • ANSWER:
      E.L.F.’s all over cover stick is the best concealer I’ve used to date. It’s a thick, pigmented wax so it covers really really well. You can find E.L.F.products all over the place.

    Best drug store concealer?
    I have tried SO many “big brand” concealers such as mac, kat von d, estee lauder, etc and I can’t find anything I like. It’s almost impossible to find something to match my skin tone. Anyway, I use concealer for under eye, blemish, redness, etc. I like it to be creamy, nothing that will make my skin look dry. So far the drug store brand I have tried is the FIT concealer and the revlon photo ready. Anybody have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      I use the Maybelline Coverstick and it works great for me. :)

    Best drug store concealer brands that don’t crease!?
    Ive tried a lot of liquid/cream under eye concealers, and all it does is creases in my fine lines.

    I have horrible dark circles (don’t give me lectures on how I need sleep, need water, blah blah. It’s hereditary), and to top it off, I have really fine lines under my eyes, too. So my concealer will just settle in them.

    Please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer! omg its amazing <3 i love it!

    What’s the best Drug Store Concealer?
    What’s the best Drug Store Concealer? I need one that lasts through the day, That doesn’t apply cakey or dry, and also That can cover redness, dark circles under the eyes and doesn’t crease. I also need one that is extra, extra light as well.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh, the ongoing quest for the perfect concealer…

      It depends on your primary use for the concealer. I use mine primarily for under-eye coverage and for this purpose it needs to be nicely emolient, not too dry or cakey as this is my primary complaint in many concealers.

      A recent (and surprising) discovery for me has been Neutrogena’s 3-in-1 Under Eye Concealer! It is perfectly smooth enough-but still covers wonderfully! (coverage would have to be my second complaint in finding the perfect concealer). This concealer is an under-eye moisturizer, SPF and concealer in one. This has ALSO taken the place of an under-eye highlighter for me as well, so technically it pulls quadruple duty for me! Love this stuff. It isn’t so bad on other parts of my face either.

      The other concealer, that has been a STAPLE in my make-up for 9 years is actually Merle Norman Cover Up. It comes in a tube and is creamy-so it blends magnificently and has VERY good coverage. I know Merle Norman sounds like an old-lady make-up brand, and it’s not like you can go to Target to grab some (sold in Boutiques only)-but I love it that much. I don’t really use any other Merle Norman cosmetics. I discovered this one accidentally b/c my friend’s rich grandmother sent her a bunch of MN makeup in college and she just gave it all to me. Lucky find!

      Neither of these are oily-nor have caused me to breakout. Good luck in your quest!

    Best concealer for under eye circles that doesnt go into fine lines?!?
    soooo im looking for a good concealer to cover up my dark under eye circles. the concealer im using now is a cheap drug store brand that tends to sink into the fine lines around my eyes (im 16, i dont have wrinkles haha)
    anything that you think works really good that under 25 dollars please! and please let me know if it goes over foundation or under foundation. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      DuWop makes a concealer just for this! It’s called CircleBlock. It’s GREAT! You can get it online or at Sephora :)

    Best cheap drug store concealer in the the uk?
    One for dark circles under your eyes
    Lasts all day
    Smooth finish
    Full coverage
    Please help :)

    • ANSWER:
      Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is really good.
      and its about £4. x

    Best concealer for under eye circles?
    I have quite bad under eye circles and I am only 20..they are hereditary and nothing I do will get rid of them so I just have to cover them up.

    I don’t mind whether it is drug store or a more expensive brand of make up. Just recommend me some good concealers! Thank you..

    Brooke xo

    • ANSWER:
      u can ask ur doctor

    What is the best Concealer for dark under-eye circles?
    I’ve used many brands but can’t seem to find one that really covers them up. I’m currently using L’oreal True Match C 1-2-3 for fair skin and it helps a little, but my eyes are still dark. Does anyone know of a brand that really covers? So far I’ve only used ones I can get from the drug store but I’m willing to try others if they’ll work.

    • ANSWER:
      I really like the benefit boi-ing concealer! but if you want drugstore, i like the maybelline dream mousse concealer! (:

    Best under eye concelor with good overall coverage for under ?
    I have very bad under eyes. i look tired without makeup no matter how much sleep i get. its a family thing. i’ve used a lot of concealers and they never seem to hide the greenish tone under my eye.
    I need a good medium color to blend in with my face and look natural.
    and i need the concealer to be under seven dollars in regular drug stores please, thanks:)

    • ANSWER:
      revolon color stay blemish concerler has definatly proved the best for me!
      and its cheap and potent
      it has great matching qualities and a little goes a long way!

    which is the best drug store concealer?
    please tell meee and please tell me that which one works good on both Dark under eye circles and pimples?

    • ANSWER:
      The one that I’m trying out right now is the Maybelline Cover Stick and Maybelline Cover Stick: Correction Concealer. They look like lipstick and the Correction Concealer looks green, but its great for covering up redness from acne or pimples. You can find them at a local drug store like Walgreens for around .

      Also, a good one is Maybelline Highter & Concealer in one. It’s a double sided tube-looking kind of thing. I would suggest getting one that is one or two shades lighter than your face to cover up dark circles and then after highlighting dark areas, blend with mineral powder to even everything out. This should brighten your complexion. Hope I helped :)

    Best concealers for puffiness under eyes?
    I get fairly large bags under my eyes and i have been on the hunt for a good product. I really want to know if liquid or a more solid concealer is better and some good drug store concealers?

    • ANSWER:
      Loreal true match concealer has Full coverage
      great for dark circles it really doesn’t Help it cost
      at walmart.

    Best under-eye concealer?
    I’ve tried tons of products, from drug store brands to high-end department store stuff. Any suggestions? I’m willing to spend a bit more money on a product that actually conceals well! Thanks =)

    • ANSWER:
      Amazing concealer is great long lasting really works,
      Revlon colorstay under eye concealer is great too .
      Clinique advanced concealer is my fave this are the ones Ive try really recommend to you.

    best drug store concealers?
    i have under eye circles and very few pimples ….very oily skin …how do i get rid of these and what do you guys think are some of the best drug store make-up items and why….plz thx a bunch

    • ANSWER:
      Revlon’s Age Dedying Spa Concealer, this excels is in its coverage relative to it’s thickness. It’s a very thin formula that is light, non-greasy and does NOT cake or sink into any fine lines yet the coverage is pretty good. Not the best coverage I’ve ever found by any stretch but most of the excellent coverage products can tend to get cakey or settle into fine lines.

    What is the best concealer for dark under eye circles?
    I have really bad dark circles under my eyes… All the concealers that I’ve tried look cakey and disgusting, and usually end up coming off by the end of the day anyways. What are some good ones that actually stay put for a long time? I’d prefer cheapish ones that I can find at a drug store, but if you know of an expensive one that works really well, then please let me know :-] I don’t mind spending the extra money as long as they actually work.

    Also, are there any creams or anything that can help get rid of them? They’re so expensive and I don’t want to waste my money if they’re not going to do anything.

    Thank you so much!! :-]

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, there’s not really much you can do about dark circles, other than get plenty of sleep. People with allergies are prone to them even when they get enough rest. Most of the products that claim to fix them don’t do much. You could try the Avon product another answer recommended, but I wouldn’t suggest spending a lot of money on one.

      As for concealers, I’ve had good luck with both the L’Oreal and Paula’s Choice liquid concealers and with Lancome cream concealer. L’Oreal is a drugstore brand, and Paula’s Choice is available at The Lancome cost me , but it’s lasted me a year so far. I actually use both liquid and cream together sometimes. I put on the liquid first, then the cream after it dries.

      The trick to keeping them from looking cakey and nasty is to put them on VERY lightly with a concealer brush. This is a nylon (not natural hair–it absorbs too much) brush similar to a small, flat foundation brush. You put a little concealer on the brush and pat it into place, blending well.

      If you wear foundation, experiment with which you put on first to see which way works better for you. I’ve seen the experts swear that one way was best, but they don’t agree, so just do whichever works for you.

      Your concealer should be just barely lighter than your skin tone, which means you may need different colors in the Winter than in the Summer. Speaking of which, sunscreen and sunglasses are *essential* for you, since sun damage makes dark circles worse.

    Best Foundation and Concealer? (Drug or Department Store Brands)?
    I have normal to dry skin, yellow undertones
    Idk if this helps, but i’m Asian, with fair to medium skin tone.
    I don’t have much to conceal other than under eye circles.
    Light to Medium Coverage would be great
    and I don’t want anything that would break me out.
    I’d like my skin to look natural, definitely not cake-y.
    I prefer liquid foundations but if there are any good powder ones, that’d be fine too (:
    Something that lasts longer than an hour and won’t run down or smear on my clothes.
    Nothing that would streak, clump, or flake.

    The Products listed above are the ones I am currently thinking of getting.
    I just don’t want to have to go through all of them :P
    My budget is around -30 for both the foundation and concealer.

    Any recommendations are appreciated! :D

    I’m trying to go for Drugstore brands for now
    But if there’s another product worth the spurge, lemme know xD

    Here are the main options again:

    Magic smooth souffle,
    Dream smooth mousse,
    Fit Me,
    Revlon Colorstay/PhotoReady
    Neutrogena healthy skin makeup

    and also your reviews on the products would be nice too! [:

    oh and if you could recommend a long lasting, yellow undertoned, easily blendable concealer :] and please add in what type of applicator works best with the product you mention.

    Thanks :D
    I ended up getting some MAC foundation NC20, but my parents say it’s only for special occasions so I need to find an everyday foundation. What color would match NC20 in Revlon Colorstay or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation?

    • ANSWER:

    What’s the best drug store FOUNDATION?
    I have combination skin, and I tried MAC’s liquid studio fix. however the SA who helped me gave me an orangy color which doesn’t match my skin, and it also comes off after a short period of time.

    What’s the best drug store foundation? brands like maybelline, revlon, covergirl, max factor, l’oreal, etc etc. MAC is okay too. the others are too expensive for me. I’ve heard alot about maybelline’s dream matte mousse, people either really love it or really hate it. i don’t know about that. What’s your opinion?

    Also, im thinking of using concealer under foundation to cover up acne and redness and eye circles. will that work?

    • ANSWER:
      it depends.
      everyone has their preferences.
      i LOVE neutrogena products.
      i would recommend 3 in 1 concealer from neutrogena. and healthy skin liquid foundation from neutrogena.

      i am not so sure about dream matte mousse i heard that it is very thick and tends to wear off. but Maybelline also has really good products!

    Whats the best concealer you can get from a drug store?
    one that completely! covers dark under eye circles

    • ANSWER:

    Best type of Concealer for Under Eyes?
    I have small blue veins that can be seen underneath my eyes which prompts everyone to ask whether or not I’ve been getting enough sleep. It makes me look tired no matter how rested I am. I tend to use only products that can be found at drug stores (such as Walgreens, CVS Pharm.) or Walmart. Are there any products that you have tried and use religiously.. or any that you would recommend not even wasting money trying? Thanks so much! I’ll check back later.

    • ANSWER:
      band aids are really easy to use. maybe some cool ones that have neat designs, like stars and stripes?

    Best ‘drug store brand’ foundation?
    I currently use Lancome Photogenic foundation. My fiance and I are trying to save some money, so I need to change to a cheaper brand.

    My biggest issue is under-eye circles. I have fair skin, and I’m looking for medium coverage. I’m seeking suggestions on a good ‘drug-store brand’ and therefore less expensive, foundation and concealer.


    Oh, and I wear ‘Buff’ with Lancome – and have a hard time matching my own skin tone – any suggestions for color or tint of the suggested foundation would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      i have two personal favorites, i like sally hansen’s airbrush foundation, i spray it on a sponge then dab it on my face, i also love almays new perfect shade makeup, i always have trouble matching my skin because it is so fair, but this starts out white and goes to your exact skin color while you are rubbing it on. i don’t know how it works but it’s pretty cool.

    Under-eye light concealer?
    Which drug store brand is the best? and why?

    I am looking for something that isn’t thick.
    Just a light coverage.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best drug store foundation for medium coverage?
    Right now I just use concealer on my blemishes.
    I have tried foundations from: Dior, Mac, MUFE, Clinique, Prescriptives
    Skin type: Normal
    Problems: Blemishes and under eye bags (slightly)

    So I wanted to try a foundation that won’t break me out. I can afford a high end one, but figured I mine as well try some drug store ones. I have tried Rimmels “Stay Matte”, and it sucked. It broke me out so horribly, I couldn’t wear any makeup for 2 weeks!

    So any price. I just want one with medium coverage & looks natural.

    • ANSWER:
      I like using Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation. They have for oily/combination skin and dry skin. They also have plenty of shades, etc. I have combination skin and I’ve been using this foundation for almost a year now. It has no made me break out or has a bad effect on my skin.

      PS: CVS Pharmacy is having a “Buy one/Get One Free” Sale on Revlon Cosmetics. If you live by one, you should go there and buy something &you can try the foundation for free =D

    best drugstore tinted moisturizer?
    i have very clear skin and rarely get one or two pimples but most of the time its clear. whats a good tinted moisturizer for me to use the will just make my skin look completely even toned. also would it help with bag under mY eyes from lack of sleep or do i need a concealer for that. if yes what would be the best drug store concealer .

    • ANSWER:
      Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer 1 fl oz (30 ml)
      Retinol Treatment
      SPF 20 Moisturizer
      Sheer Tint
      Healthy Skin Enhancer combines a vitamin-infused Retinol treatment to smooth fine lines, the protection of SPF 20 moisturizer and sheer, lightweight tint in a single application.

    Concealer question…?
    What’s the best under eye concealer? I don’t care if it’s from a drug store or only available online or at department stores. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I love department store makeup, such as MAC, Dior, Clinique, Chanel, etc. Mainly because you can try everything! There is also a variety of colors and you will always be able to find something to match you.

      When it comes to concealer, I always go to MAC. All of their concealers are under and they will last for a long time. They have many shades to match your skin tone from fair to deep dark. I’m an NC35 because I’m Asian so I have ‘cooler’ skin tones, hence the C. You can determine your foundation number by asking a MAC makeup artist and they’ll help find your best match.

      It really comes down to preference and what you have tried to find ‘the best’ of anything. I’ve tried MAC, Maybelline (drug-store), and Clinique and I have found that I like MAC the best.

    Best cheap concealer and foundations?
    Concealers for acne and under eye bags, and a powdered foundation preferably, ones you can get from like a drug store ! And also I have oily skin so ones that will stay put all day! Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Mabelline Dream Mousse Concealer!! The two of us are Soul mates!! I have oily skin too, and this makes it look matte, and stays on FOREVER!! I have major dark circles and this helps for those too, but I would still put something ealse too lol. And for the powder I use the Fit Me pressed powder! its nice too!! They’re cheap too!! :D

      *Stay Beautiful!!*

      XOXO Cate

    How many of you ladies put on a full face of make-up everyday?
    Foundation, concealer….the works! I only do cocealer under my eyes and nose, eyeshadow with mascara and blush…of course lipstick or maybe lip gloss. I tried to do a full face everyday but i’m just too lazy….lol Also, who makes the best eye makeup remover that i can buy at walmart or a local drug store?


    • ANSWER:
      I am lazy and when I have time I do full face of make-up but I use natural colors. Anyways there are make-up remover face wipes at Walmart that are really cheap the generic brand. and they work great! I think the generic for olay wipes or something like that. Check the make-up area at local walmart. :) Good Luck.

    what color concealer will best match my skin tone and cover my horrible dark circles?
    Hi everyone I am looking for something to cover my horrible dark circles and everything i tried doesn’t seem to help I am tried numerous drug store brands and I have tried higher end like amazing cosmetics,derma blend,mac and a few others. I was looking at purchasing either the IT cosmetics bye bye under eye or the Eve Pearl salmon concealer but I am not sure what color I would be I am fair/light skin with pink under tones. In mac foundation I am between an NW15 and NW20. Any suggestions on the BYE BYE under eye would i be fair or Neutral medium (light medium)? Same with the eve pearl line
    I am trying to stay away from the cheapy drug store brands if I can since i haven’t found any that have worked
    I am trying to stay away from the cheapy drug store brands if I can since i haven’t found any that have worked
    I am trying to stay away from the cheapy drug store brands if I can since i haven’t found any that have worked

    • ANSWER:
      CG Smoothers Concealer Stick
      (CoverGirl, but the name of it is CG)

    whats one of the best concealers out there?
    so i’ve been looking for really good concealer for my under eye circles;i’ve tried most of the drug store brands like maybeline, covergirl, revlon, elf… ect. and none of them seem to work at all. can anyone tell me one of the best concealers they’ve ever used? either drug store or higher end, it doesn’t matter i just need to find a good one!thanks<3

    • ANSWER:
      I like the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, it’s really opaque and you need the tiniest amount. I’ve been going on the same tube for about a year now and I’ve still got a lot to go

    Concealer suggestion?
    I’m looking for an under-eye concealer (I’ve heard pinkish tones work best) that works well and can be found at a drug store. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Pink tones do work the best!

      The Loreal Cover-All concealer works well. Sold at any CVS, Walgreens, stores.

    What’s the Best FOUNDATION?? *(*WILL pick Best Answer=]*)* SO Please Help!!?
    What’s the Best full coverage foudation (I like liquid, but anythings fine), and powder you use? You can tell your best concealer for under eye darkness also if you want.? Does the Dream Matte Mousse stuff really work? I don’t care about the price.=]

    Thanks! xoxo
    I will pick a best answer!=]

    Oh, and one more thing, what’s the best SELF TANNING LOTION, or SPRAY TAN (like the stuff you can get from drug stores and Wal*Mart) just as long as it doesn’t turn me orange ’cause I have light]

    • ANSWER:
      Two of the best foundations I’ve ever used:
      Clinique Clarifying Makeup
      and MAC Studio Finish Foundation.

      Clinique is lighter, and is better if you have oily/combination or acne-prone skin. I have combination skin and I get some zits every once in awhile. It doesn’t break me out, and I have Just Neutral in winter and Smooth Vanilla in summer. It lasts all-day long and controls oil and the shine in my t-zone, and it doesn’t dry my out (but then again, I always moisturize before putting on foundation), and it’s so smooth and light, but still covers pretty good.

      MAC Studio Finish has the ultimate coverage. It’s so opaque, but it can get cakey. But I really love it for when my skin just randomly decides to look blotchy and gross because it’ll cover everything up. But it’s broken me out a couple of times, so I only use it when I need to. But if you’re not worried about breakouts, MAC’s the way to go.

      For powder, I use Clinique Blended Face Powder in the morning when I put on my makeup. It has a really fine texture, and when I put it on with a powder brush, it really sets my foundation and takes away the shine. But for touch-ups along the day, I carry a CoverGirl Fragrance-Free Clean Pressed Powder in Buff Beige.

      Dream Matte Mousse it okay. It feels REALLY nice when you apply it, BUT it lasts for a total of about 30 minutes. And although I don’t personally have this problem because I’m moderately tan, I’ve heard some paler gals say that the colors are too orange for them. But the bottom line it, it doesn’t last on your skin for very long.

      Concealers….I’ve still on the hunt for a really nice concealer, and I’ve made a list of ones I want to try. For undereyes, I’m looking at getting
      Revlon Colorstay Concealer
      Mac Studio Finish Concealer (It covers really well, but it can cake up, says my friend who has it)
      Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (even though I’m not aging or anything, I’ve still heard it’s pretty good for its price).
      I actually really want Rimmel London Clear Complexion Cover Stick, but I haven’t been able to find it yet (in Canada).

      Hope that helped! :D

    what is the best foundation & concealer for someone with a bit of redness and dry patches?
    i went from living next to the ocean to living in new mexico.
    all the make up i used to use, isn’t holding up to the dry, high climate of the desert.
    i’m somewhat fair skinned and i get some redness in my cheeks and around my nose plus i get dry patches around my nose and under and around my eyes.
    i’ve tried a lot of different products and i just can’t seem to find anything that works…. something i could find at a drug store or like a wal*mart.
    anyone have any suggestions?
    thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Try some type of moisturizing face wash.
      It will put a lot more natural oils back into your skin, so it won’t be dry.
      You can find them at Walmart or other drug stores, but you should go to Estee Lauder. They have great moisturizers!
      Also, you may want to lay off makeup for a while.

    Good concealer for dark circles?
    I get really, really bad dark circles under my eyes due to genetics. Even when I’m well-rested, I might look like I have two black eyes–no joke. Also, I wear glasses, so the frames tend to cast a shadow on the area under the eyes. It would be best if the concealer was easily available at drug stores like CVS or retail chains like Target or Meijer.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybelline dream matte mousse concealer

    Best high end makeup products?
    I’m planning on going to Sephora for the first time in a few weeks but I’ve never had any high end expensive makeup other than Bare Minerals and I don’t like their products so I switched to drug store brands. So what are the best foundations and concealers and primers and basically must haves? I need foundation with medium to full coverage and for concealer I need something really good because I have horrible dark under eye circles that are hereditary so they don’t go away and I need something that covers like amazing also eye shadows and eyeliners and mascaras thanks to everyone in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (the best thing that was ever created)
      Urban Decay eyeshadows are also the best thing ever. (pricey) but they last a long time and they don’t crease or fade. (But all of them have a touch of shimmer; if you don’t like that I wouldn’t suggest getting them)
      You could just get MAC though, they’re a few dollars cheaper and they don’t fade (I tried one on once and it didn’t.)
      For the high end mascara, I’d get Clinique High Impact Mascara. It’s one of my favorites. And it’s only 14.50 (good for high end.) I really wouldn’t pay more than 15 dollars for a high end mascara, I mean nobody is going to notice if your eyelashes are .00000000001 mm longer. (I’ve tried Diorshow Blackout. No lie, I prefer Maybelline’s Falsies.)

      Makeup Forever’s HD foundation gets the best reviews, but it’s like 45$ and uhh unless you have money to blow that’s way too much. I’d get Clinique’s tinted moisturizer. And I know it isn’t high end, but Loreal’s Magic Smooth Souffle (, kinda expensive for drugstore) is the best foundation I’ve ever used. It made me look airbrushed ~:D.)

      Good high end concealers:
      Bobbi Brown creamy concealer
      MAC’s concealers
      Kat Von D concealer (good for normal-oily skin)

    What kind of makeup would work good for me? (Foundation)?
    Okay so I need a store bought foundation (like from walmart) so a drug store brand I guess.. Well I have been using bareminerals from bare esscentuals, love it… I tried Loreal Bare Naturale-they’re mineral powder kinda stuff.. It’s too thin to me to cover good.. I need full coverage.. I mean mostly the parts under my eye and above are pretty dark and by my nose and then my cheeks.. I sorta use the foundation like it’s a concealer (I mean its the same price lol and you get more) then I top with some powder or mineral veil or just whatever..

    I use a very light color… from bare esscentuals its fair/fairly light.. either of those works good for me.. I really love the maybelline dream matte mousse foundation alot! but they don’t have a color that matches me.. I tried the lightest which was like Ivory maybe and it is too dark by a little bit.. the covergirl brand of that type of makeup was good too but I’m not sure on the color again..

    So my question is from what I have said.. what do u think would be the best foundation for me(from places like walmart) ? I am tired of tryin all these things and wasting 12 dollars a thing when it don’t work or its too thin too dark whatever.. of and the liquid foundation like in covergirl its too sheer the trublend is what i tried.. just trying to give things i used that didnt work maybe to make this easier.

    So if you can give me good suggestions I’d be greatful!!!

    BTW, I am allergic to anything neutrogena.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m really pale too! It makes finding foundation a real pain, especially in drug stores where the color selection is limited.

      For you, I’d recommend trying L’Oreal True Match foundation. They offer TONS of shades, even for us pale girls. If your skin is oily, I’d go for the powder foundation, and if your skin is normal or dry, I’d go for the liquid, and then set it with your mineral veil.

      If it comes in your shade, I toooooootally recommend Revlon ColorStay. It was really tricky for me to find the proper shade though, and believe it or not, I think the one I wound up going for was almost a little too pale, so that might be worth trying as well. The coverage is a bit heavier, but it still feels great on your skin.

      If coverage is something you’re having a problem with, it might not be a bad idea to pick up some concealer. Normally I don’t really bother with it, but on days when my skin decides to misbehave and my regular foundation isn’t cutting it, concealer is like a gift from heaven, haha.

      You don’t have to waste your money on foundations that don’t work out! Keep your receipts– Most drugstores have a money back guarantee on cosmetics. I know Rite Aid does, and some CVS drugstores do too.

      Hope this helps! <3

    Best drug store concealer?
    I’m looking for the best drug store concealer.
    I’m mainly going to use it to cover some of my under eye dark circles,redness around my nose, and a little bit of acne. So which one would be the best to get?
    Oh and any tips on finding the right shade? :]
    Oh, and if it helps, I’m using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer used as a foundation. :]

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend the maybelline mineral power it comes liquid form like mascara container concealer is very good I use it on my flaws it covers well and it blends easily on my skin it doesnt look cakey or dull just very good nice it cost at target or walmart.

    Best concealer for under eye circles?
    I have quite bad under eye circles and I am only 20..they are hereditary and nothing I do will get rid of them so I just have to cover them up.

    I don’t mind whether it is drug store or a more expensive brand of make up. Just recommend me some good concealers! Thank you..

    Brooke xo

    • ANSWER:

    Best drug store concealer?
    I’ve been using Rimmel stick concealer but I find it looks a little flakey. What is a good liquid concealer I can use under my eyes and on my face to cover smoothly and nicely? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Oh my god–Almay! The stuff is a miracle. It comes out kinda beige-y white and adjusts to your skin tone. I thought it sounded to good to be true but it really does work and you can’t even see it on your skin. Other concealers don’t give me great coverage but this stuff is amazing. You don’t need a lot to cover up the spot and there are only 3 shades to choose from which takes the guesswork out. You just have to decided if you have light, medium, or dark skin. I started using it 7 months ago and I will never use anything else again. Complete all-day coverage and my face actually looks good for the first time ever! I can’t even see the imperfections anymore. Everone shoud give it a try. Okay, I’m done with my butt-kissing now.

      Oh truematch is good too. Works the same way and gives good coverage.

    which is the best drug store concealer?
    please tell for dark under eye circles and pimples

    • ANSWER:

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