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Does Aloe Vera Cure Bags Under The Eyes?

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Does “prep H” Cooling gel work for eye stacks too?
I’ve heard that prep h helps deminish eye purse,have any one used the cooling gel and find it wok as well? It probably works, just make sure you don’t receive it your eye, lol. It sound close to it would work but also drink lots…

Does a a cold tea backpack truly work to catch rid of swelling of the eye?
does it? Put a metal teaspoon in the freezer for about 15-20 mins. consequently press it to the affected eye and the the swelling should go down. this also works to mute “bags” under the eye. It will be…

Does a being look alot better if they bring back rid of acne, dry skin, and murky circles?
i have all three, and i know im pretty, but my moderate acne really shadows the reality that i’m attractive. does a person look more appealing when the get rid of acne / dimness circles?and skin tips…

Does absence of sleep basis threatening circles and wrinkles? I am with the sole purpose 15 and i own them?
no most of my family does not have bleak circles!! i have like some insomnia.Does sleep prevent dismal circles? i’m sure my sleep will help right get rid of some but not adjectives? the damage…

Does almond grease squeeze really removes gloomy circles?
does almond oil massage really removes depressing circles…till what extend….and how much is it effective….what is the technique of doing it….please answer? personaly, it didnt work for me. to get rid of night circles:1. get plenty of sleep nightly. for one thing, famine of sleep tends to…

Does Aloe Vera Cure Bags Under The Eyes?
Well, I look tired or maybe emo looking because of my baggy eyes. But I don’t know if I should remove them since like mad of girls think its cute. My eyes are not that baggy they are similar to 2-3 centimeters from my eyes going down….

Does Anew instant eye smoother get hold of rid of stacks lower than eyes?
Maybe. But do not expect a miracle to happen. If you think you really have need of help over there, you’d better drop by a plastic surgeon. In a short term it might be more expensive but the results are almost…

Does anti-perspirant rationale puffy face/eyes/ and cancer?
My mom went to listen to a program about cancer today. They said that anti-perspirant cause cancer because it stops sweat from getting rid of waste when sweating( it doesn’t stop all gamble away from getting out, but a lot gets trapped) So the gamble away…

Does any body know how to brand your frontage look more vibrant and not so ashy and oodles around the eyes?
besides tanning the secret to vibrant skin is a healthy lifestyle. That manner, most importantly, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of wet (NOT soda), and get enough sleep. Also, spend time outdoors to get…

Does any one hold any solutions for depressing circles and loads?
i would like to know if any one knows any home made recipe i could make inorder to be successful in getting rid of my heaps? lol Remedies For Dark Circles* An instant dark circles remedy is to use the correct concealer. The shade…

Does any one kno how to catch rid of threatening circles next to products that arent too mordant on your skin?
apply crush potato on dark circles for ten minutes once a day . afterwards rinse after twenty minutes.apply lots of water. thats it. Apply cold raw grated potato mixed with the liquid of…

Does any one know how to receive rid of black stacks around your eyes?
the nite b4 u should put 2 spoons in the freezer nd the subsequent day put the spoons on them Teamine Eye Complex is pretty good and is recommended by dermatologists. Eye creams are never going to be a…

Does any one know of any means of access to go and get rid of darkened beneath eye circles?
something that you have tryed and know works thanks. try this. might work. i use the body shop products and it works for me… try sleep I have tried and tried and tried….

Does any one know what to use 4 removing night circles?
When you get up in the morning soak some teabags and put them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes I heard Preparation H put around your eyes helps that and puffiness. Preparation H is good for the puffiness, but you should use Oil…

Does any one the best means of access to make disappear pitch-black circles below your eyes?
sleep Ever try the cold spoon thing? Put a spoon in the freezer for a few min and hold lower than your eyes. Don’t know if it works, but I have a friend that does it all the…

Does any1 know how to take rid of the stacks lower than the eyes?
i have bags underneath my eyes and don’t know how to get rid of them.any info would be appreciated :) Get eye cream lotionGo to bed To get rid of those nasty plenty, just put a cold mask, or some…

Does any1 knw a home remedy 4 brown circles underneath ur eyes?
like….a really good one. and how long will i enjoy to use it before i see results? sleep. I recommend using herbal cream like Revitol: Try it out! :-) The best way is only just to get more sleep. That’s…

Does anybody know a homemade recipe for dimness circles below eyes?
i would like an answer from someone who is a professional in this nouns, but everybody is welcome,i have tried potato, but it doesnt work. there r home remedies to remove dark circles Source(s): for details- i suppose you put spoons under…

Does anyone know any ways to find rid of oodles beneath your eyes?
All answers are appreciated. For 10 days freeze 2 metal spoons overnight and put the bulbous sides underneath your eyes. Keep them there until the spoon doesnt have a feeling cold anymore. No more than 30 minutes, but at least 10 minutes….

Does anyone know how to prevent your eyes from looking puffy/bulgy after putting contained by contact lenses?
I have big eyes to begin next to, but I’ve noticed that especially my upper lids puff out more beside the contacts in. Is there a mode to remedy this, or do I just have to live…

Does anyone know how to procure rid of darkened patch and eye plenty?
I need to know the best way, I am asian and the rest of my facade is ok, its just that I get dismal patches under my eyes and I really want to get hold of rid of them Hi i use…

Does anyone know how to procure rid of foggy circles beneath you eyes? please assist?
dark circles under my eyes PLEASE HELP do you mean dark circles resembling eye bags? well, if you want to grasp rid of that you could try putting cucumbers on your eye lids at night while your asleep, if you…

Does anyone know how to procure rid of overcast circles moved out by ring-worm?
I had ring-worm about a month ago and i still hold the mark where they be. If anyone else had this problem please let me know how you get rid of it. thanks for your help. Maderma. It is a…

Does anyone know how to procure rid of shadowy circles lower than your eyes?
seize the recommended 9 hours of sleep. Apply cold coarse grated potato mixed with the juice of partly lemon around the eye area. Leave on for about 20 minutes and valet off with cold milk.You can do this at least possible…

Does anyone know how to receive rid of foggy circles underneath eyes essentially?
I’ve tried concealer many times but it only looks cakey, and it make me feel really fake. I want to find a road some kind of mask to cause.. i dont know im just tired of them. Those are probably the flaws…

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17 Responses to Does Aloe Work For Under Eyes

  1. tscaaws011 says:

    I love it how you said “like” instead of “thumbs up” sitting on facebook too much? ;)

  2. shotgunsongwriter says:

    Removing stubborn deep forehead blackheads?
    I have about 5 very small blackheads and 4 larger and deeper blackheads that have been left untreated for about 5 months. They are also covering my nose. I have been trying different products to remove them, but none of them are effective!

    The only thing that works is my homemake pore strips for my nose. But I’m still left with large pores. I tried the strips on my forehead, but nothing happened. I have tried adding sugar to my Clearisil Sensitive Formula face wash to remove dead skin and hopefully scrub out the blackheads, but NOPE! nada! I have been using St. Ives Green Tea scrub, its oil free, 1% salicilic acid, all natural green tea and non-comedogenic and also hypoallergenic. I have sensitive skin, and this scrub works well because of the green tea and has reduces my inflamation that other scrubs caused.
    I apply olive oil daily and nightly, because I have dry skin. than apply Neatrogena oil-free sensitive skin moisurizer, and then apply Banana Boat UVA & UVB Lotion SPF 30 it has Vitamin E as the fourth ingrediant and Aloe Vera as the fifth. And I put on just a little bit of Prestige Skin Loving Minerals powder for foundation only on nose and under eyes.

    I really really would love to take the best care of my skin as possible. I am only 14 and have forehead wrinkles due to my Mother’s side of un-elastic skin and my habit of making wild facial expressions that comes with my personality, and I’m under alot of stress, and I ate alot of greasy and oily food the last month…

    So if you have used a product or method of removing stubborn deep blackheads, please do me a big favor and tell me!! Thanks ya guys, and have a wonderful day!!

    • samantha says:

      I would try not putting olive oil on your skin that much. That is meant to be a once in awhile treatment. Olive oil clogs your pores, creating more black heads.

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  4. Luuuuucyx says:

    suffering from acne &candida, could use advice of expierience?
    heyyyy; okay so basically i’m fourteen years old. i’m a teenage girl,
    i had my period for 8 months, and since i was twelve i’ve been getting pimples, but when i was twelve it was just a few, and some blackheads, now, i have VERY oily skin, with loads of blackheads on my nose and under eye area, and a few pimples on my face.
    i have severe back acne for about 9 months.
    i’ve tried clearasil, vinegar, pan oxyl, and other things i can’t think of.
    at the moment i’ve come to the conclusion that over the counter products dont work, and i think natural products do.
    i’m now using tea tree oil on my face & back, (face really clearing up)
    & 99.9% pure aloe vera gel for my scars. its early days yet, so i cant
    judge my back yet, as it is so severe and i understand it takes time.
    but heres the bit i need help on: my diet.
    when i was younger, since the age of 11, i had a yeast infection,
    and thrush, suffered with dandruff, still do, all because of my diet which was full of chocolate, sugary sweets, you name it, i ate it.
    so now, i believe i’m paying for it, with my severe back acne.
    i want to detox my body from the candida and hopefully clear the infection and the back acne, i’d like a detailed description of things i should do for this and what to eat and not to eat.
    PS: i take zinc supplements, chromiom pilconate, vitamin c, probiotic tablets, milk thistle, and super 5′s.

    Thank you. PPS: not open to medical acne treatment.

  5. TazSmurf says:

    Someone just found my blog by searching, “what does supes totes mean?” Obviously we command the English language, yo.

  6. Sasha says:

    … Would it?
    Does this product sound like it would diminish dark under-eye circles? I’ve had this problem for a while and nothing seems to work!

    abc Vital Eye Cream with Antioxidant Vitamins is a super-intensive creme with Vitamins E and C for free radical repair. Protective vitamins A and B bind moisture to skin. Shea Butter, Squalane and Avocado Oil soften skin and help bind moisture to cells. Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA, and Aloe alleviate dehydration. Extracts of Calendula, Comfrey, Aloe and Allantoin comfort the delicate, sensitive eye tissue.

  7. Katie B says:

    Which foundation would you recommend to cover up a Sunburn/scar?
    I went to Warped tour a few days ago, and even after using sun-tan lotion, I got burnt extremely bad on my face. Over the past couple days, a scar has started to form from the sunburn under my right eye. It’s extremely noticeable; It seriously looks like I got punched in the face (At least that’s what people are telling me).

    Anyways, I’m throwing a special birthday dinner for my friend tonight, and a lot of people are going to be there. I’m usually not the person to care about looks or the occasional pimple, but it’s been making me uncomfortable lately because everyone is pointing out the horrible sunburn on my face.

    I’ve tried Aloe Vera, but that doesn’t really seem to work and always makes me tear up because it burns my skin and hurts really bad. I’m also afraid that I’m going to get a permanent scar from this burn. What should I do?

    What’s the best foundation that you recommend to cover up this burn?

    Thanks so much!

    • dolcedoll89 says:

      you should buy vichy dermablend. It works wonders. They provide it at the Shriners Burn hospitals. You can get it in the CVS pharmacies that carry Vichy or on

      Oh and you don’t have to put a lot to cover up the scar, so you might try just the concealer.

      btw if you want it to heal fast and not leave any scarring use Xeroform. Just put it for the night and it “sucks” all the bad bacteria from the wound, making the healing faster and you can be sure no scar will be left after that. ;)

      Hope I helped

  8. TheCaptainQuantum says:

    Im not the one who can't take a simple joke! Now who's the child?

  9. pineapple_the_great says:

    How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
    I have dark circles under my eyes and I can’t seem to get rid of them. I’ve tried putting on aloe but it didn’t work. My friend suggested i get more sleep…and i have for about a year!!! but it doesnt seem to work. what can i do to get rid of these dark circles?

    • lishaerin127 says:

      I think its vitamin E that will help get rid of undereye circles. Its not always sleep that causes them, sometimes its just genetic. If you’ve had them as long as you can remember than is genetic. But either way they make vitamin e creams for undereye circles that acctually work, i’ve used them before.

  10. Taylor says:

    BEST way to moisturize my face without clogging my pores or making my acne worse?
    Okay so i use cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin, differin gel, and take acne medicine. I have used the gel before and it worked good but i stupidly decided not to use lotion for a while (dont ask why bc i dont know) and now around my nose and under my eyes its really red and dry (like a sunburn). Is there anything i can do to make my face heal extremely fast?! I have been using cetaphil cream, neosporin, and aloe vera but its not really helping…what do i do?! I need something that’ll work BUT wont make my acne worse, wont clog my pores, and wont break me out AT ALL! Thanks!(: And it doesnt have to be a remedy it can be something i can run and pick up at the sore but PLEASE help me! 10 points for best answer!

    • tosha says:

      i used to have bad acne and for that i wash my face with Biore ice cleanser and ive had clear skin ever since. Then I get a dry face with using soap or any others it would burn it gets so bad and dry so I use that Eurcerin moisturizing cream. walgreens has it, and walmart.
      hope you find some relief~~

  11. lollystrawberry98 says:

    i want to see you in disneyland! ;D

  12. xAshleyAddictionx says:

    How do you get rid of swelling from a sunburn asap?
    Okay so I was at a motocross track all day saturday and was an idiot and didnt wear any sunscreen because it was windy so I was cold. I got a terrible sunburn on my face. It has gotten a lot better but it still is very swollen at the top of my nose and under my right eye. I have to go to school tomorrow and I’m extremely self conscious about how this looks. I’ve used aloe, been taking ibreprofun, put ice on it but nothing seems to work. I heard cranberry juice can help the swelling but I’m not sure. Please if you could give me any tips that would help with this that would be amazing. Also how long do you think this might last for? It’s been about 3 days. Thanks so much.