Homemade Under Eye Cream Recipe

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Homemade Eye Cream Recipes

Author: Yulia Berry

Unless you are into looking like a raccoon, dark circles beneath the eyes are something you tend to want to wish away. While diligent use of a over the counter anti aging cream can eventually help with these dark circles, it is going end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long run. Thankfully, there are other options straight from your kitchen than can do just as good of a job of getting rid of those circles and will not end up breaking your budget.

Here are a few homemade eye care recipes that you can try.

1: Avocado Cream Recipe

Take three slice of Avocado and mix them with five drops of Almond oil. Dab this mixture around the eyes. Leave on for five minutes then clean your face with warm water.

2: Potatoes, Cucumbers, or Tea Bags

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties thatcan help fade away those dark circles. Cucumbers and wet tea Bags can also help and are used by many people as an alternative to anti-aging eye creams.

3: Potato and Applesauce Cream

Put one small potato and two tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce into a blender and mix well. Apply this around the eyes then cover with a warm, damp washcloth. Relax for five minutes then wash your face off with warm water.

4: Lanolin and Lecithin

Melt some lanolin with some water over a low heat source, then add a few drops of almond oil. Mix in equal amount of powdered lecithin and mix well. Now you have a cream that will help lighten up those dark circles.

5: Lemon juice and tomato puree

Mix together lemon juice, tomato puree, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder in a blender at low speed until pasty. Apply underneath your eyes and relax for about 15 minutes then clean off your face with some warm water.

Remember these recipes are for those dark circles and will not work as well for eye wrinkles.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/homemade-eye-cream-recipes-1493078.html

About the Author

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-books Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor and ‘Pharmacy in Vegetables’. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide. Yulia Berry’s new ebook Unlocked Secrets of Curative Garlic to be released soon.

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25 Responses to Homemade Under Eye Cream Recipe

  1. xtaintedLOVE says:

    I know alot of people ask this question, but its worth a shot! LOL.?
    Alot of people ask how to get rid of dark circles, even I have about twice before, I think.

    But I have been doing some research and I heard that Vitamin K is good for under eye circles, is that true? And theres a homemade recipe with gelatin? Does that work? (do you know the recipe?)

    The bags under my eyes aren’t from sleep deprivation, salty foods or any of that. They are hereditary; can I still get rid of them? (with out surgery! I’m 17 LOL) I’m hoping I grow into them with time but it’s not looking up.

    Right now I’m using; the Fast Response Eye Cream from MAC, and I don’t think it’s working .. but the lady at the counter said you normally see results within 6 weeks. I think its only been 3 so far.

    Any other tips would be helpful! I wear glasses, sometimes contacts, but I get so self consious with contacts even with concealer.

    Thanks in advance!
    ah! I didnt know MAC ruins your pores! does it really? LOL I have to admit, I’m a MAC-aholic.

    Do you think my dermatologist could recommend something for under eye circles?

    I think im going sometime in the next 3 weeks for a visit.
    I use concealer, (MAC :] lol) and it works good for concealing everything else BUT my under eyes. Its just horrible.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are many causes of dark circles, from age, heredity, allergies, cold or sinus infection, bone structure and glasses which are not so commonly known.

      If you would like to apply home remedies to reduce dark circles, here are some of my suggestions:
      Buy a box of regular, old fashioned unflavored gelatin (e.g. Knox) from grocery store. Take a small cup or bowl and put in 1 teaspoon of the gelatin mix. Add one tablespoon of boiling water & stir for a minute. Test it on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Then, using a cotton ball, pat it under your eyes as you would an eye cream or gel. Go lie down and listen to some music, or take a bath & let it stay on for at least 30 minutes. Then just rinse it off.Gelatin is very high in Vitamin K & Biotin. It will not remove your dark circles on the first application (but you will notice a difference), but if you do it daily for a week, and then 2-3 times a week for maintenance, you should notice a drastic reduction in dark circles.

  2. Alexis says:

    Facial mask for under the eye bags?
    My mom wants me to help her find some creams for her eye bags. I have heard there are homemade solutions for this. Do you have any ideas to get rid of eye bags? Any facial mask recipes? Did you use this facial mask? Did it work? If so, how long did you use it for? Thank you. Again this is for my mom. If it helps she is 46 years old.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how do you get rid of under eye bags and dark circles using homemade recipes?
    I have really bad under eye bags and dark circles. It is not because of lack of sleep, water or healthy diet so I was thinking of trying some homemade remedies. I have already tried using the shop’s creams and lotions for about 6 months now and they do not seem to be working. Help?

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t listen to any of them this is by far the best of heard and seen done go by this and you will be glad you did:D

      Remedy for Dark Circles or Puffiness Under Eyes

      The following list of ingredients to reduce bags or bruising under the eyes are cheap and easy to find at your local drug store or online.

      * Empty 4oz bottle with lid
      * 100% pure chamomile essential oil
      * Witch hazel
      * Cotton balls or cotton cosmetic pads

      Mix together in the empty bottle 4oz of witch hazel and four drops of chamomile essential oil. Put the lid on the bottle and shake well. Store in the refrigerator until needed.

      To use the homemade solution, dampen two cotton balls or cotton cosmetic pads with the cool witch hazel and chamomile liquid. Lay down and place one cotton ball over each closed eye. Be sure to lay your head on a pillow to help raise your head above heart level since this also helps to reduce swelling under the

      Rest for five minutes or so while the puffy eye treatment takes effect. Avoid opening your eyes with the compresses on since the mixture will sting. Once the dampened cotton balls are removed, let your skin dry before opening your eyes. This mixture can be used as needed, or even on a daily basis.

      How The Puffy Eye Treatment Works

      Since witch hazel is high in tannins, it has an astringent effect that helps to tighten tissue and reduce swelling. The chamomile essential oil helps to stimulate the flow of blood in the veins beneath the eyes and is also an anti-inflammatory. Keeping the solution in the refrigerator keeps it cold, which helps reduce swelling.

      If this remedy doesn’t help and under eye circles or swelling is accompanied by blurred vision, pain or discomfort, contact your optometrist to rule out any medical conditions that may require further treatment.

      Cooling Overnight Treatments

      Because those bags tend to be visible when we wake up, using an
      overnight treatment to alleviate the problem can be a wise choice. One of
      the easiest and safest is simply to take an ordinary washcloth from your linen cabinet
      at the end of your pre-bedtime routine. Get it soaking wet with
      cool water, squeeze out the excess water, and sleep with the cloth
      over your eyes as you sleep. Besides helping with the bags, this
      is also a good treatment for stress headaches and can help improve relaxation. works wonders:]

      Read more at Remedy For Dark Circles And Bags Under Eyes: Essential Oil Recipe To Reduce Puffy Eyes Or Under-eye Darkness

  4. Edge says:

    How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
    I’m 15, and have these bags under my eyes. Two fine lines that are under the eye sockets, one on each side. I’ve tried using cucumbers and many of the homemade recipes, but they haven’t seemed to work. Also, I tried using some recommended creams, but they didn’t really seem to make a difference.

    I really want to get rid of them because they’re really affecting my self-image. Please help!


    • Anonymous says:

      Hey there! Try this.. Before you go to bed, apply a thick creamy face moisturizer directly on your “bags” under your eyes ( Make sure u dont rub it in with your fingers, just apply it- you should be able to see the white cream on your bags.) , in the morning you will notice that the cream has been soaked in by the skin and the skin will be hydrated and appear lighter (it differs from person to person.) You should do this every night to keep hydrating the “bags”.

      Also make sure you’re drinking enough water – as this hydrates the skin.

      Good luck x

  5. motorimage says:

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  9. Serena says:

    You need to get buck (ha ha) with your pediatrician and tell him you need help and refuse to accept that your son "is probably just fine." Describe the issues to your pediatrician as you have described them to us and tell him you need options and help with this. I used to work in a doctor's office and I know for a fact that many times patients have to INSIST on getting stuff looked at/treated/evaluated or it doesn't get done. (Sad but true.) Tell him you are prepared to drop him and get another pediatricain if he is not willing to discuss evaluation/treatment options with you.

    I would insist on a neurological & a psychological evaluation and ask (or insist!) to be referred to a neurologist & a psychologist. So often with kids if things are found & treated early the kids are much better off in the long run. There may very well be nothing at all wrong with your kid but you will feel much more at ease if you have him evaluated thoroughly.

    Chances are that you will have to be very assertive with any specialist your pediatrician refers you to. Politely but firmly insist that they listen to you and answer all your questions in layman's trems. Make a list of questions so you don't forget anything. Specialists are often much worse than pediatricians and general practitioners when it comes to listening to their patients and answering their questions. They are often extremely busy. You just have to assert yourself and if you feel like you are not being listened to ask to see someone else.

    When asking your pediatrician for a referral ask him specifically to be referred to a newer neurologist and/or psychologist. The newer ones do have less experience, true, but they know this and tend to be more thorough and listen and answer questions better. They are typically not as jaded as specialists who have been in practice for a long time and they know they don't know everything.

    Oh yeah, ask also that your son be tested for food and other allergies. When my youngest son was a toddler he had symptoms very similar to what you are describing and he was also born about 6 weeks early. We found out that he had some food allergy issues that, once addressed, actually cleared up some of his behavior problems. Ask for a referral to a pediatric allergist or at least to an allergist. Insist if you have to.

    As my son got older his symptoms gradually abated & then disappeared. He grew out of the food allergies, the tantrums & the motor skills difficulties and is very bright and normal at 18.

    Good luck! Please email me if you want & don't panic! Chances are excellent that your son will improve tremendously and you will feel tons better once you get him evaluated. As for those people who stare at you when he has a tantrum in public, it is still perfectly legal to give them the finger and tell them to mind their own damn bidness! That's what I used to do!

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  13. A New Old-fashioned Gal says:

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  14. Claire says:

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  16. vipkiller123 says:

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  19. jjlolie says:

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    If you have something negative to say then don't sugar-coat it. No matter what we do, there's always going to be room for improvement but we will never be able to improve if nobody is willing to state their honest opinion. However, that doesn't mean you should be malicious.

  20. harrietns says:

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  21. 1969Brookie says:

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